Lipa Festival of Contemporary Music
Christopher Hopkins, Coordinator


Electroacoustic Surround!

Scott Wyatt, composer

FridSaturday, February 12 - 3:00 pm Martha Ellen Tye Recital Hall

John Cage: Williams Mix (1952)
eight-channel electroacoustic music

Scott Wyatt : In the Arms of Peril  (2001)
eight-channel electroacoustic music

Wyatt: All at Risk  (2004)                                                                         
electroacoustic music with video

Lawrence Frtts: Orthagonality   (1999)
saxophone and electroacoustic sound
Michael Giles, alto saxophone


Wyatt: Time Mark   ((1983, revised 2000)
for percussion and electroacoustic sound
Barry Larkin, percussion

Jon Christopher Nelson: l'Horlage imaginaire    (2002) 
eight-channel electroacoustic sound

Wyatt: On a Roll (2004)
clarinet and computer


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