Lipa Festival of Contemporary Music
Christopher Hopkins, Coordinator


F. GERARD ERRANTE, Clarinetist

works for clarinet, computer, and dvd

Friday, October 14, 2005  7:30 PM Martha Ellen Tye Recital Hall

Russell Pinkston: Gerrymander   (2002)
for clarinet and computer

Judith Shatin, music/Katherine Aoki, visuals: Grito del Corazon   (2001)
clarinet, electronic processing, prerecorded electronics, and color visuals

F. Gerard Errante: a light went out...  (2004)                                                                         
for clarinet and electronic processing

Andrew May: Chant/Songe   (2004) 


Jon Christopher Nelson: Gerry Rigged   (2004)
for clarinet and computer

Reynold Weidenaar: Swing Bridge   (1997) 
for clarinet, electronic processing, and color video

Peter Terry: Echoes of the Invisible   (2003)
clarinet and prerecorded electronics

Michael Lowenstern: Sha   (2002)
clarinet and computer


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