Top 10 reasons why Iowa State choirs are your best choice

#10 Our Students

ISU students develop lifelong friendships singing in the choirs…

  • “Being involved in Iowa State Singers has been the highlight of college for me. As a non-music major, I have had the opportunity to create beautiful music, go amazing places and make wonderful friends.”
  • Elizabeth Dahlstrom
  • Nutritional Science

  • “Many of my fondest memories and best friendships from the past four years at Iowa State have resulted directly from my involvement in the choral program.”
  • Tom Stroman
  • Physics

  • “I auditioned for Singers without knowing what I was getting into. It has honestly turned out to be one of the greatest experiences I’ve had.”
  • Eric Swanson
  • Civil Engineering

  • “Singing in the choir is always the highlight of my day.”
  • Jessica Maves
  • Political Science

A joint concert with the Incheon City Chorale concludes with the conductors meeting at center stage (Seoul, Korea)

  • For further information, contact:
  • Dr. James Rodde
  • Director of Choral Activities
  • (515) 249-0395