Minor in Music Technology

The Minor in Music Technology is a program of study to prepare students for work in the creative application of computer technologies tosound editing, processing, and synthesis techniques, programming designs for computer-based musical instruments ("virtual instruments"), development of human-computer interfaces for musical performance, and electronic music composition.

The minor establishes a foundation in these areas through a core of three courses (Music 246, 346, and 446). Electives may be drawn from acoustics, computer science, software engineering, and music.

Note: The diversity of electives is intended to provide greater breadth of musical background through courses in music theory, history, literature, performance, or an augmentation of study in technology-related courses from computer programming and engineering. Students with majors in computer science or engineering are encouraged to use non-music electives that fall outside the program of study for their major, in particular to provide additional technical coursework to support special music-technical interests.

How to start:

First review (PDF) the program description. Be sure also to review the Interdisciplinary Objectives in the program description, so that you understand the goals of this minor and how they may fit your academic and career interests. Note especially that these goals are aligned to providing a creative arts and design experience from the perspective of liberal arts enrichment. The minor in music is not associated with a full academic major in music technology nor is it a vocational program for the music industry.

Then complete a Request for Minor form and complete Section 1 in consultation with the academic advisor for your major. Deliver this form to the music department academic advisor (Kevin Judge, 219 Music Hall) for review and signature. You may be contacted by email about any necessary corrections and/or to pick up the signed form and return it to your academic advisor who will assist to complete the remaining steps.

Complete the minor by passing the courses specified on your Request for Minor form. If you change your plan, for example deciding on new electives, you do need to submit a new Request for Minor form. The courses you have completed need to match those on the most recently approved form.

Minor in Music Technology Requirements

The minor is fulfilled by earning 15 credits as follows.

At least six of the fifteen credits must be taken at Iowa State University in courses numbered 300 or above with a grade of C or higher. The minor must include at least nine credits that are not used to meet any other department, college, or university requirement.

* Music majors seeking this minor may not count in the fifteen credits music courses comprising the minor other than 246, 346, 446, and approved 490.
** only one of Music 101 and 105 may be counted in the minor
*** only one of Music 120 and 302 may be counted in the minor
**** A Bachelor of Music major may not count Phys 198