Music 346 - MIDI and Digital Audio Techniques

Cr. 3. S.

Syllabus (Spring 2015)

Dr. L. Scott Price (Spring 2015)
242 Music Hall

Music Computer Lab Hours


246 or permission of instructor.

Applications of sampling synthesis techniques, advanced MIDI control and interapplication music information processing to music composition and production. Projects include design and programming of sampling instruments, composition based in sampling synthesis, and processing of music data through scripting languages.

Qualifies for nonmajor graduate credit.

Platform and Software

  • Macintosh (system 10.7) [we will move to in Fall 2013 to current OS]
  • Pro Tools 10.8
  • Kontakt 5.2 or later (note: reverse compatibility is generally not possible even within the .n version of an upgrade)
  • Kontakt Script Editor
  • selected DSP and MIDI plug-ins, MIDI utilities
  • Please note: Students must complete all assignments and make all presentations using these software, which are provided in the music computer lab. Students are not required to purchase software for the course.